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South Side High School: Databases

Create an APA Citation, Reference Page and Parenthetical Citations


Databases Listed Alphabetically                                Databases Listed by Subject

​General Rules for Databases

  • In school the databases will log on automatically.
  • From home, make sure you open the link to the database from the school home page and enter the passwords provided by the library.
  •  Databases do not answer questions. Do not phrase your search as a question. 

  •  Think of keywords or phrases that best describe your search.

    • For example: If you are investigating how weight effects fuel consumption in a car, do not write: How does the weight of a car effect fuel consumption?

      • Brainstorm search terms. Choose different terms for different results.  For example: car, automobile, weight, fuel, gas, mileage.

  •  Use the ADVANCED Search. This allows you to focus your results.

  •  Use citation tools to create a citation for your source.

  •  Make sure the citation you are using from the database is the correct style for the paper you are citing.

    •  If you are citing in Science or Psychology, make sure you choose APA

    • If you are citing in History, Math, Foreign Language or English choose MLA