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Marketing Research Project: Home

Before you create your own survey, you must research the finding of others. In this project you will conduct your research using secondary data sources.

Secondary data is information that has been collected by someone else for a purpose other than your current research project but has some relevance and utility for your research.  Examples of secondary data:

  • Data collected by a hotel on its customers through its guest history system.
  • Annual school testing reports.
  • Government health statistics.

Make sure you evaluate secondary data before you use it in your research. Check:

  • Where has the data come from?
  • Does it cover the correct geographical location?
  • Is it current (not too out of date)?

Primary data is data collected by the investigator himself/ herself for a specific purpose. Researchers collect the data themselves, using surveys, interviews and direct observations.

Your Assignment

Examples of Thesis statements from past students:

Thesis:  How to keep customers loyal and help provide a better experience for them?

Thesis: What can we do to expand our audience to all players, not just gamers?

Thesis:  What is getting our society to the gym and how to keep them there?


Advance Tips for Searching Google

Is your website reliable?

Use Google Forms to create a survey

Google Forms - A free program from Google that allows you to create forms, surveys and questionnaires. Results of the survey are automatically put into a Google spreadsheet.  

Go to Google to create an account.



Proquest Major Dailies:

You will need the password for the database. All passwords can be found on the library's google classroom. Join code: 24yg7tg

Major  papers include:

Rockville Centre Public Library - If you have a RCPL library card, you can access Lexis Nexis and other business databases. If you do not have a card, see Mrs. McGuire for a school card number.

Online Business Websites you can use for your research

Crain's New York - Crain's New York Business thoroughly covers NYC's major industries, including Wall Street, media, the arts, real estate, retail, restaurants and more.

Bloomberg Business Bloomberg Business delivers business and markets news, data, analysis, and video.  

The Economist - The Economist offers insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.

Websites for statistics and demographics

Consumer Expenditure Survey - consists of two surveys, the Quarterly Interview Survey and the Diary Survey, that provide information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit (families and single consumers) characteristics. The survey data are collected for the Bureau of Labor Statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau.


US Census Bureau - the leading source of  data about the nation's people and economy.



American Community Survey -  Source for detailed information about the American people and workforce.

Polling Websites

The Gallop Poll - Provides market research and consulting services around the world. Publisher of the Gallup Poll, a widely recognized barometer of American opinion.

The Pew Research Center A nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. It conducts public opinion polling,