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Night and JoJo Rabbit: Home


Use this database for Literary Criticism, biographies on

the author/director and topic overviews of the book and film.

Type your search words in the search bar. Then select the

following databases from the list: Academic One File, Pop Culture,

Popular Magazine and NY Times. These database will provide

articles/reviews from magazines and newspapers about the book and film. 

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Use this database to find facts about historical events

discussed in the movie or film

Database Password Google Doc

How to Evaluate Websites

It can be tempting to use any source in your paper that sounds good, but you need to carefully evaluate websites and decide which ones you can trust. 

Think about -  Why can we believe this source?

  • Who is the author? What are their credentials? Is the site created or sponsored by a reputable organization? Find this information in the About section of the website or look for the Mission of the website. Or Google the name of the author. 

What is the author’s perspective?

  • Does the author have a bias?

URL: What does the URL tell you about a website

  • What is the extension in the URL? .com, .gov, .org ? What does the URL say about the website?

Search Strategies for Websites

Search Strategies

  • “exact match”  - put words or phrase inside quotes.

“World War II”  or “Holocaust Survivors”

  • Specific site – students can search a specific website or a specific url.

For example, or  or

  • Exclude words from your search. Put a - in front of a word you want to leave out.

For example, “holocaust heroes” -book (won’t get any books they can’t read)


Keywords for NIght  and JoJo Rabbit:  protagonists, director, author, belief

Some keywords you might select to search for information about the film JoJo Rabbit:

Hitler Youth, Nazi Youth Camp, Berlin, Third Reich, 1944, Gestapo, Jewish, "World War II", Taika Waititi


Some keywords you might select to search for information about the boo Night:

Jewish, teenager, Nazi, 1944, Auschwitz, Birkenau, death march, "Elie Wiesel"