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Where do you get your news?


Assignment: Find a website that provides information about digital footprints. You may not use Wikipedia.

  1. Name of the website:   
  1. Why is this website reliable?  Look at the chart we used in class today to examine the website (author, credentials, bias, etc).
  1. What is a digital footprint?
  1. How can your digital footprint be used by advertisers, by employers?
  1. How can you manage your digital footprint?
  1. What are the benefits of a good digital footprint?

How to Evaluate Websites


Authority: Why can we believe this source?
·Who is the author?
·Does the author provide contact information?
·What are the author’s credentials?
·Is the site created or sponsored by a reputable organization?
Viewpoint: What is the author’s perspective?
·What is the purpose for the website? 
Accuracy: How up to date and accurate is the website?
·When was the website last updated?
·Is the site easy to navigate?

URL: What does the URL tell you about a website

·What is the extension in the URL? .com, .gov, .org …
·What does the URL say about the website?

 Do the links work? List 2 websites that are linked to this page.