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Advanced searching techiniques

Tips to help you find better results in Google.

Use quotes

  • When searching for something specific,use qoutes. 
    • If you search for Puppy Dog Sweaters, the engine will search for those three words in any order.
    • If you search “Puppy Dog Sweaters”, it will search for that phrase exactly as you typed it.

Use a hyphen to exclude words

  • If you are searching for results about Mustang the horse and not Mustang the car, use the hyphen to eliminate car from your results. 
    • Mustang -cars    This tells the search engine to search for mustangs but to remove any results that have the word “car” in it

Use a colon to search specific sites

  • Use a colon to search for articles or content on a certain website. Maybe you want only the Center for Disease Control results.
    • Covid

  • Or if you want to search for specific content using a specific extension. 
    • Covid

To limit results to a current time period, use the tool tab at the top of the search page

  • When viewing the results page of your search, look for the tools tab on the right.
  • Click the drop down box and pick the specific time period you would like to narrow your results to.