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Free resources available for online classes

Welcome to Free Resources for Educators

Many companies and publishers are working to support classes as our schools have moved to remote learning. Please use the tabs at the top of the page to access these services. This guide has been curated by Mrs. McGuire of South Side High School and Mrs. Roberts of The Wheatley School. 


Covid-19 Sources

There is a lot of information online about the Covid-19virus. Make sure you visit reliable sites such as the CDC or the WHO. If you are looking at other websites, please follow the rules for evaluating information before sharing anything.

  1. Who is the source? Check the authors' credentials.

  2. What is the authors' intention/bias?

  3. Check the "about us" to learn more about the bias/purpose of the site as a whole.

  4. Can the same information be confirmed by additional reputable sources?

  5. Does it sound too good/outrageous to be true?

  6. Does the website itself want to collect your personal data before you can access the information?

  7. Is the website full of ads and clickbait?

Still not sure? Check Snopes