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Enduring Issues: Home

The Assignment

To successfully complete your assignment you must understand the following definitions:

  • To identify: is to put a name to something
  •  To define: is to explain the features or nature of something
  •  To argue: is to provide reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory

Choose a topic.

  • Example: Crusades. 
    • Use the Databases below to find an article about the Crusades. What specific enduring issue is the article about? War, Interconnectedness?, Environment, etc.
    • Read article to compete your assignment.
    • Click on the citation tool in the database to retrieve your article's citation. Make sure you select the MLA citation.

Databases - You should save all your articles for this assignment to your google drive

Databases for source from class

Database for source within last 10 years

external image abchist_logo.gif USE THIS LINK IN SCHOOL

A database with encyclopedia articles - good past


Image result for world history in context logo

Image result for world history in context logo

 Use this link if you are at HOME.

You will need the school password.


  Use this link if you are at SCHOOL


Sentence Starters

Identify & Define

Possible starters to introduce Enduring Issue:

Throughout history, the issue of __________________ has endured as a challenge.  This __(issue/problem)____________________ is best defined as_________________.


The     (issue/problem)                  is best defined as ________________________________________________.

Possible starters to introduce evidence for the Enduring Issue:

According to (name of the document, author, etc.) people were affected by (Enduring Issue) because of _________________________________________________________________________.


The significance of (issue/problem) can best be seen in ______name of document, author, etc._____________ when it discusses _______________________________________.


The way that ____name of document, author, etc.___________ (explains, supports, gives an example of) the enduring issue is by _____________________________________________________________.


According to (name of the document, author, etc.) the way the (Enduring Issue) has changed/or not changed) is _________________________________________________________________________.


An example of this issue is ________________________________________________________________________.


Phrases to help identify an enduring issue

  • Need for/to
  • Competition over
  • Lack of'
  • Scarcity of 
  • Effects of
  • Impact of
  • Change(s) in/to
  • Conflict(s) over
  • Rejection/acceptance of
  • Threats of/to