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Citing Your Work

Format an image found on a website:

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Publisher, Publication Date.

Carol, James. The Brave Ones. Penguin, 2007. 

Format an image found on a website:

Creator’s Last name, First name. “Title of the digital image.” Title of the website, Publisher, Publication date, URL. Access Date.

Examples of citations for digital images found on websites in MLA 8:

Example with author: Doest, Jasper. "Japanese Urns." National Geographic, 15 June 2020, Accessed 7 Jan. 2021.

*Note: For images without titles, create a descriptive title no quotes.
*Note: Image URLs should be from the actual website that hosts the image. Be careful with this. If you use Google or another search engine to find the image, if you copy the URL it may give you Google's search URL rather than the actual URL of the image's website.

Format for a page on a website:

Author Last name, first name (if available). "Name of the Article." Name of Site. Name of institution or organization that sponsored or published site, date of resource created (if available), URL or DOI (or permalink) Date of Access.

Example with no author: "Blogs vs. Wikis." Science Magazine. Science. 25 Nov. 2009. Accessed 13 Mar. 2014.  

 *Note:  When using the URL, be sure to include the complete address for the site except for the https://.

*Note: If the Publisher is the same as the website, list it once.




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