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Databases for Physics Research



General Rules

  • Databases do not answer questions. Do not phrase your search as a question. 
  • Think of keywords or phrases that best describe your search.
    • For example: Ddo not write: How does the weight of a car effect fuel consumption?
  • Brainstorm search terms. Choose different terms for different results.  
    • For example: car, automobile, weight, fuel, gas, mileage, structure.
  • Use the ADVANCED Search. This allows you to focus your results.
  • Use citation tools to create a citation for your source.
    • Make sure the citation you are using from the database is the correct style. Many times databases cite in more than one citation style.

Book Resources

Handouts to help with research and citing

IB Criteria for Internal Assessment

Video - What is a Parenthetical Citation

APA Citation Style

APA Basics

  • The reference list page is on a separate sheet of paper at the end of the document.
  • Arrange the items alphabetically by author or by title if there is no author.
  • Use only the initials of the author’s first (and middle) name.
  • For edited books, place the editors’ names in the author position and enclose the abbreviated Ed. or EDs. in parentheses after the last editor’s name.
  • Indent the second and following lines 5 spaces.
  • Capitalize only the first word of a title or subtitle that are part of a title.
  • Use an ampersand (&) instead of the word "and" when listing multiple authors of a single work.
  • Titles are italicized.
  • Websites: if the date the page was created is not given, use (n.d.).

Citte a Book

Book with one author:

  • Format:   Author, A.A. (Published date). Title of work. Location: Publisher.
  • Example: Rollin, B. E. (2006). Science and ethics. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Article in a reference book or an entry in an encyclopedia: 

If the article is signed, include the author's name; if unsigned, begin with the title of the article.

  • Format:    Author, A.A. (Published date). Title of the article (Volume number, page number). Title of work. Location: Publisher.
  • Example:  Red Scare. (1998). In  Encyclopedia of propaganda (Vol. 1, pp. 87-90). New York:  Penquin.

Cite a Website

Citing a website can be difficult because not all citation information is always given. Use as much information as you can find.

  • Format: Author, A.A.  (Published date).  Article Name. Name of webpage. Retrieved month, day, year, from http://web address.
  • Example:  Kraizer, S. (2005). Safe child. Retrieved February 29, 2008, from

Cite a print article

Journals with an issue number

  • Format:   Author, A.A. (Published date). Title of the article.  Title of workvolume number (issue  number), page number.
  • Example: Swedin, E. G.  (2006, May/June). Designing babies: A eugenics race with China? The Futurist, 40, 18-21.

Journal or Magazine Article without an issue number.

  • Format:   Author, A.A. (Published date). Title of the article.  Title of work, volume number, page number.
  • Example: Georges, J.  (2000, June). The Human Gene? Science, 29 (12), 18-21.

Database Article

Databases will cite an article for you. Look on the page for a link to Cite your document. Many databases default to MLA style. Make sure you choose the APA Citation style.