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Websites and Databases to help you research a person's life

Key Words Period 3

Key Words Period 8

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Biography Websites


Questions to answer in your PowerPoint

  1. Where & when was the person born; where did the person die?
  2. What are/were the critical benchmarks in the person’s life? (Personal)
  3. What are the tools they used to make their voice/idea heard (painting, writing, inventing, etc.)?
  4. What distinguishes this person from others in his/her field? (Business)
  5. How has his person influenced the society in his/her time?
  6. What qualities does he/she have that you admire? List & explain
  7. What things happened in this person’s childhood that helped them become a famous person?
  8. List important dates in this person’s life. (Personal & Business—don’t repeat no. 2)
  9. Who was important in this person’s life or who influenced them toward their achievements?
  10. Suppose you could ask your famous person some questions.  What questions would you like to ask? Explain. 
  11. Extra information