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Literary Criticism : Database Resources for finding Criticism

Gale Literature Resource Center

  • Type in the title of the work.
    • The search box will begin to fill with suggested titles. Select the correct title.
  • Your results will be put into categories.
    • For this assignment you must use the results from the Literature Criticism  category. 
  • Scroll to the MLA citation at the bottom of the page to cite this article. Or click the Cite button at the top of the page to export the MLA citation to Noodletools or Google Drive.

All Gale Databases - including Pop culture, Mass Media and Art


Select the database you would like to search from the list in the link below. Be specific in your search terms and use quotation marks for phrases. Ex.: For College Behind Bars use the following search terms: "College Behind Bars" AND Novick. That will search for the exact title and the director of the film. 


To find criticism in JSTOR:

Use the Advanced Search

  • Type the title of your work in the keyword search bar and change the drop down bar to Item Title
  • In the second keyword search bar type in any terms you are looking to find in your search (example: feminism) leave the drop down bar at All Fields
  • Scroll to Narrow Results and Select Articles
  • Narrow the number of journals to search by selecting a topic. Make sure to select Language and Literature as one of your choices.
  • Hit enter
  • To cite your article from JSTOR, select the Cite this item link. Copy the MLA citation.

New YorkTimes



You will have to read your articles more carefully for "College Behind Bars." Look for criticism of the documentary, not commentaries on Prisons.

  • In the search bar enter the director's names in quotes and the title of the documentary in quotes:
    • "Lynn Novick" AND "college behind bars"
  • Check the title and abstract of an article to determine it's value.
  • Click the Cite button in the right corner and change the style to MLA. You can either copy and paste or export to Noodletools.