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Roman Emperor "Instagram" Project

If you are working from home and using the databases, you will need a password.

PASSWORDS FOR THE SCHOOL DATABASES CAN BE FOUND ON THE LIBRARY GOOGLE CLASSROOM  - JOIN CODE  24yg7tg.   Select the Database topic in classwork or click the following link:



To cite an article from the database just click on the cite button and then export to Noodletools. Remember to make sure you select MLA citation style.



external image abchist_logo.gif


What they look like in real life

Cite in MLA

You should acknowledge any idea or information that you use in your paper that is not your own. Anytime you quote, paraphrase or summarize information from another source in your paper you must let the reader know where this information came from.

Sources of information include but are not limited to: text, audio/visual, art work, interviews, letters, maps and tables.

Noodletools will allow you to easily create citations. Your user name is your 9 digit  school ID # starting with 369 and your password should be your first name all lower case.

If you do not remember your password, use the forgot your password link. Your 4 digit telephone number will be the year you graduate high school.