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IB 11 History 3rd Quarter Project: Home

Third Quarter Project

How to use Questia Videos - Please do all assignments on a computer - not an iPad

After viewing this video, log on to Questia with your user name and password

After viewing this video, create a project for your assignment.

Use the following example to practice search strategies discussed in this video. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. 

According to a recent article on the Mexican War, President Polk ordered General Taylor to occupy land claimed by Mexico knowing that this could be interpreted by Mexico as a declaration of war.

Type in the term Mexican War. How many results did you get?

Now click the pencil button to edit your search terms and put "Mexican War" in quotations marks to make it a phrase. How many results did you get?

Click the Add a keyword button. Type the name Polk. How many results did you get?

Click the Add a keyword button again. Type the word provoke. Look at the results under Academic Journals.

Select the first journal article. What is the title? Does it agree with your article's point of view or does it oppose your article's point of view?


Follett E-Boos

Follett Shelf e-books


Click on the Destiny Catalog Image and Select Follett Shelf from the left column.



Type a search term in the search bar. Ebooks will be displayed. 


To download the ebook, you must log in. Your user name AND password is your full 9 digit school ID number. You can change your password once you are logged in to the catalog. After you are logged in, you can checkout the book to read it and take notes. The notes can be viewed even if after you check the book back in.Simply check out the book again and the notes will be there.



It is very important to use the ADVANCED SEARCH in JSTOR.

This will allow you to narrow your search by keywords AND limit your results tto specific subject areas.

Step one: Brainstorm the important keywords about a topic. Example: When researching the Cuban Missile Crisis you might also want to add the keywords Kruschchev and John F. Kennedy.

Step Two: limit the search to specific subject areas. Example: History Titles and American Studies.

*** When you log in from home look under the JSTOR logo in the right hand corner. If it says, Your access to JSTOR provided by South Side High School, you are logged in. You can create your own account bylogging in to the school account and then registering.


Proquest Central K12  - Newspaper, Magazine and Journal articles for all subjects.

History in Dispute

History in Dispute e-books.

Addresses heavily debated questions in history by offering different critical perspectives.

Citation Worksheet

Paarenthetical Citations

Any source information that you provide in your parenthetical citation MUST correspond to the source information on the Works Cited page. Specificallly, whatever signal word or phrase you include in your parenthetical citation, MUST be the first word(s) that appears on the left-hand margin of the corresponding entry in the Works Cited List.

See attached link for more help.

Example - MLA Works Cited Page