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Theatre Research Guide for Mrs. Seiderman: Home


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Over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as selected monographs and other materials valuable for academic work.

It is very important to use the ADVANCED SEARCH in JSTOR. This will allow you to narrow your search by keywords AND limit your results to journals in specific subject areas giving you fewer, more accurate results. For example, when doing a search for articles on Civil Rights you can limit the journals JSTOR will search to History Titles.

*** When you log in from home look under the JSTOR logo in the right hand corner. If it says, Your access to JSTOR provided by South Side High School, you are logged in.

Book Resources

The library has e-books available for your research topics. Click on the ACCESS Follett Destiny icon above to go to the school catalog for print and electronic books.

At the Catalog home page, use the search box to type  your topic or the title of the book you are looking for.Make sure to click on  the magnifying class if you are using your iPad- NOT enter to search the catalog.

To open an e-book you will need to login. On the back of your student ID is your 9 digit ID number. This ID number is your user name AND your password.



Books Available to you from the school catalog are:

  • Theatre Histories
  • The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre
  • Kabuki: A Pocket Guide
  • The Spirit of Noh

Don't forget you can also search Google Books to find content on your topic.

General Theatre Websites - Use These Websites to Research all Aspects of Theatre - Excellent site
Internet Broadway Database
Justin Theatre Links - Online directory to thousands of theatre resources.
Moonstruck Bookstore -Online source for plays, sheet music, theatre news and provides encyclopedia-style biographies.
New York Times Theatre Connection
Theatre History of the Web - Maintained by Jack Wolcott of the University of Washington School of Drama
Theatre History websites - Links to theatre websites including Classical theatre, Ancient theatre and Elizabethan theatre.

Types of Theatre

Asian Theatre

Lahon Lek Puppetry