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9th Grade Social Studies Project: Home

9th Grade Social Studies Project

 Here is your assignment

The research question  - Here iis the process for developing a good research question.

Cite your work in MLA  -  You must give credit to the sources you use in your paper. Whenever you quote, paraphrase or summarize someone else's work in your paper you must cite it. Use this guide to help you cite your work.

Cite your work using Parenthetical Citations  - It is not enough to have a bibliography at the end of the paper. You must also cite your work at the place that you included the information in your paper. Use this guide to help you create a parenthetical citation

Databases are an important source for you to do your research.

Use these three databases for accurate and authorative sources.

      Ancient and Medieval History - Encyclopedia Articles/Primary Sources

external image abchist_logo.gif      Daily Life Through History - Encyclopedia Articles/Primary Sources


    Scholarly Articles

Primary Sources

What are primary documents?

Primary sources provide first-hand accounts of an event. They are created by witnesses who experienced the events or conditions being documented. Usually these sources are created at the time of the events, but primary sources can also include autobiographies, memoirs, and oral histories recorded later.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Sources are arranged according to region or theme, eg. Rome, France, or Renaissance, Reformation. Scroll down the column on the left to see if your topic is covered. Try a Ctrl-F and enter a key term to see if it is mentioned on the site.

EyeWitness To The Middle Ages and Renaissance

This website has primary sources along with some explanatory notes. Primary sources appear in RED. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to look at the citation for the primary source. There is a search box at the top right where you can search keywords for your topic.


The prompt will ask you for your location and school name. Look for New York in the location box and type in South Side High School.

To read the book please log in with your user name and password. Your user name and password are the SAME - type in your full 9 digit ID number found on your school ID card as your user name AND password.