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MLA Citation Style: Advertisements/ Videos/Interviews


To cite an ad start with the name of the product or company that is the subject of the advertisement. To cite the add correctly go to the actual website of the ad – do not cite from Google.



Advertisement on the web:
Company or product. Advertisement. Website.  Date of ad. Web. Access date – Day Month Year.

Marc Jacobs. Advertisement. New York Times.  2009. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.
Many times there is no date on the website  - If there is no date use the initials  N.d.

Marc Jacobs. Advertisement. New York Times.  N.d. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.

An ad on YouTube:
Cingular. Advertisement. YouTube. 2006. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.

A print ad in magazine:

Company or product. Advertisement. Name of Periodical. Date of publication: page numbers. Print.

Head and Shoulders. Advertisement. Newsweek. 17 March 2009: 2. Print



Title of film/video. Director (abreviated as Dir.) Distributor, year of release. Format (DVD, videocasette, etc.).
Example: Gallipoli. Dir. Peter Weir. Paramount Home Video, 1981. Videocassette.

* When citing a video, include the original release date (if relevant).


Personal Interview
Format for personal interview: Author's Last name, First name. Personal Interview.
Date of interview – Day, Month Year.


Format for telephone interview:Author's Last name, First name. Telephone Interview. Date of interview – Day, Month Year.