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MLA Citation Style: Websites

General Information for a Website

Changes to a website in the MLA edition: Include the URL without ankle brackets, Only include name of publisher if different from the name of the website. 

Website can be difficult to site. Try to find as much information as possible.‚Äč

A website citation should include:

  • Name of the author,
  • Title of the article ( in quotation marks)
  • Title of the overall website - italicized
  • Publisher or sponsor of the site
  • Page number or paragraph numbers
  • Date of access (day, month and year)
  • URL (without the https://)  DOI or permalink.
  • *** If there is no author, start the entry with the title of the document.
  • ***If there is no article title, use the title of the website. Put the title of the website in italics.

Format for a page on a website:

Author or Editor (if available). "Name of the Article." Name of Site. Name of institution or organization that sponsored or published site, date of resource created (if available), URL or DOI (or permalink) Date of Access.

 * When using the URL, be sure to include the complete address for the site except for the https://.

** If the Publisher is the same as the website, list it once.


Example with no author: "Blogs vs. Wikis." Science Magazine. Science. 25 Nov. 2009. Accessed 13 Mar. 2014.  

  • Parenthetical example: ("Blogs vs. Wikis")